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Project Description

Interior paintwork can be a long, time-consuming task for even the most patient DIY enthusiast. However, if there is one thing sure to give your home the perfect finishing touch, it is immaculately painted woodwork.

Prepping, sanding, filling…. you are exhausted, bored and very dusty before you even open a can of paint! Even then, it’s not just one can of paint – you will most likely need primer, undercoat and then your top coat of gloss, silk or eggshell.

Interior paintwork is a speciality of Can Dec – we actually enjoy it (yes, really). We can transform your doors, door frames, dado rails, staircases, newel posts, spindles, window sills and skirting boards. There is more paintwork than you think in a typical home – and once you start painting one bit white, it shows up how yellow the other bits are.

So don’t waste time and money trying to do it yourself, get in touch and we can transform your paintwork in no time.

Project Details